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Fine Art - Wild Horses

I am excited to share with you my passion for Wild Horses .  And  you , too,  can participate in their protection. 10% of your purchases in this gallery goes to the Wild Horse Connection, a non- profit dedicated to their care and protection.  (click on this link to learn more )



Artwork purchases have a two week turnaround time. You can click on the links for the Spring & Summer  captures  and the link for the Fall and Winter captures. 


Wall prints no larger than 16x20 are available on the online store with many art papers and products. Signed artwork and images larger than 16x20 can be ordered directly through Tess Hunt Pics. 

f you want to order a framed photo on the store you need to go to frames first and select the two paper options & frame. Art Prints prints do not comed framed. If you would like a framed art print they can order directly through me and then they can go as large as they would like with a signature too


Thank you for your love of my work 


In the last 8 months Tess has gained the trust of several wild horse herds allowing her to film them. She has become "Horse "Tess is passionate about the protection of these powerfully beautiful animals. By purchasing any of the photographs on this page and on the online store provided on the attached links  you too will protect a National Treasure America's Wild Horses.

Wild Horses - Summer Collection

Wild Horses - Winter Collection

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