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Tess Hunt

Thank you for visiting my site. Hopefully you found something that you like as much as I have had recording the events.

I'm a California girl, born in Palo Alto and have spent my life in several locales but most of my professional life in Northern and Southern California. After completing modeling school I spent  more than a decade both in front of and behind the camera internationally, working with some of the most notable photographers in their respective fields.


Modeling has an expiration date and I chose photography as my career. While many careers were upended by the introduction of the camera-smartphone I chose to continue my career with the following understanding. "Smartphones can record excellent events and the only way to add value in a constricting business was to focus on my creativity."  


I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the work presented herein and will consider me the next time you feel the need for a professional photographer. 


Contact       Tel 775 233 9339

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